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OPAL is lowering dues to $200.00 a county next year

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Join us for our Annual Meeting where we will give an overview of the entire OPAL program and answer questions.

  • OPAL increased emergency responder attendance
  • OPAL members are members of the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness (PAPA).  Through PAPA, we mail impressive booklets to emergency responders, Public Officials and Excavators. Some operators use these efforts as compliant baseline mailing while others use them as supplemental.
  • Participate in the Oklahoma Homeland Security School Program
  • Possibility of an Affected Public mailing in future years

You owe it to your company and to your stakeholders to take a look.


Join us for our Annual Meeting on October 12, 2017 in Oklahoma City.



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1-877-711-6725 (OPAL)

Join our New Pipeline Awareness School Program!

The Oklahoma Pipeline Awareness Liaison (OPAL) along with Oklahoma department of Homeland Security is developing an outreach program to promote pipeline safety to schools. OPAL supplies a brochure and tracking mechanism and Homeland Security will distrubute these brochures to schools in the State of Oklahoma.

You are invited to Join OPAL's school program completely free. NO CHARGE. NO HOMEWORK. All you have to do is provide your centerlines and you will be included in the program. You will also gain access to the documentation.

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