Oklahoma Pipeline Awareness Liaison (OPAL)

OPAL is a member-driven organization of pipeline operators dedicated to improving public awareness of pipeline transportation and safety. Under the direction of the members, OPAL has a strong liaison program with emergency responders, public officials, and excavators. The current program not only meets the baseline guidelines identified in RP 1162 for emergency responder, public official and excavator outreach, but also provides several supplemental enhancements for further community engagement.

In an effort to provide a better product to the emergency responder stakeholders, OPAL and OKPERI joined forces in the fall of 2019. This merger will go into effect on January 1st, 2020. OKPERI, now PERI, is a sub-committee within OPAL with the same mission as before the merger: to provide sustainable training for first responders; place emphasis on pipeline emergency response training; establish alternative pipeline emergency response training delivery methods; enhance operator emergency responder outreach and liaison programs; and promote responder awareness of their role in reducing excavation damage incidents. With this merger brings new and exciting things to not only the emergency responders of Oklahoma but to the operators in Oklahoma as a whole.

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