OPAL Program Differene

OPAL doesn’t request that responders and officials meet only at our convenience – we also make it convenient for them by scheduling our meetings on a mutually agreed upon day and time.

To better serve our emergency responders and public officials, OPAL members attend industry conferences, trainings, and meetings and will meet with agencies on-site at their request. This also means that our members do not have to travel to events more than a handful of times per year, which is great news for members that prefer to travel periodically as opposed to three months every year.

We sponsor OSUFST mobile Flammable Liquids and Gas courses (with live burn exercises!) so firefighters around the state have access to pipeline safety and hazardous materials training for free.

Successfully engaging with Oklahoma emergency responders and public officials shouldn’t just happen three months out of the year, it should be ongoing and that’s why OPAL members attend events throughout the year. And, because we meet monthly, we have the flexibility to alter our outreach based on agency feedback and member needs.

What Members Can Expect

2022 July Member Meeting

Member Engagement

Operator participation is the foundation of the OPAL program and as a member-driven organization, we get to decide where to focus our efforts and how we utilize our funds. Members are encouraged to attend six monthly meetings and participate in one event per calendar year.

OPAL members meet virtually every second Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m.

July and December meetings are in-person and will be located in Oklahoma City or Tulsa

  • Meetings are open to operators, our vendors, PERI committee members, and associate members
  • Meetings are generally one hour long
  • Standing agenda items include:
    • PERI
    • Smalley Foundation
    • OPAL sponsored events
    • New outreach opportunities
    • Agency grants


Utilize the OPAL program for CFR 192.615, 192.616, 195.402, 195.403

  • Program documentation available third week of December (events can occur until December 20th)
  • Individual event documents available one week post event
  • Cumulative capabilities survey records

Recurring Program Events

There are seven emergency responder and public official annual conferences at the core of our program:

  • Oklahoma Emergency Management Conference
  • Oklahoma Fire Chief’s Association Conference
  • Inter-Tribal Management Emergency Coalition Summit
  • Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police Conference
  • Oklahoma Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association Conference
  • Oklahoma Municipal League Conference
  • Oklahoma Public Safety Conference

Additional Program Events

Sponsored EventAverage # of Events per Year
PERI: Pipeline Awareness for Emergency Responders 6
Flammable Liquids and Gas Emergencies Training6
LEPC Meetings6
Virtual Pipeline Safety Awareness Presentations2
OKIE811 Safety Days4
Agriculture Expos2
This list is not inclusive and additional events are sponsored throughout the year.