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The United States has the largest pipeline network in the world. Pipelines deliver the raw materials that are processed into fuel that powers our lives. There are many types of pipelines through the state of Oklahoma: crude oil, refined products, liquid petroleum, natural gas, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and many other chemicals as well.

The safest and cost-effective transportation method for these products is through pipelines. Pipeline environmental and safety record statistics show that pipelines are safer than any other means of transportation.

Pipeline operators are subject to many Federal and State regulations, as well as, Industry standards. These regulations and standards deal with all phases of pipeline operations. From construction, maintenance and testing to operations; all are intended to ensure the continued safe operation of pipelines.

How to Recognize a Pipeline Marker

How to Respond to a Damaging or Disturbing a Pipeline

An Integrity Management Plan (IMP) provides a process of assessing and mitigating risks along the pipeline system. Natural Gas operators call for enhanced protection for High Consequence Areas (HCAs) in highly populated areas, an outside area or open structure, or a facility occupied by persons who are confined, are of impaired mobility or would be difficult to evacuate. Example of HCA’s include beaches, playgrounds, recreational facilities, camping grounds, outdoor theaters, stadiums, recreational areas near a body of water, religious facilities, office buildings, community centers, general stores, 4-H facilities, roller skating rinks, hospitals, prisons, schools, day-care facilities, retirement facilities or assisted-living facilities. High Consequence Areas (HCAs) for liquid pipeline operators may be designated as commercially navigable waterways, highly populated areas, and other populated areas, or an Unusually Sensitive Area (USA) such as a drinking water source or an ecological resource or community, i.e. wetlands or areas inhabited by threatened or endangered species.

If a pipeline suffers any level of damage, scratches, scrapes or disturbance during any digging activity, it could impact the pipeline’s future integrity.

• Immediately contact the pipeline operator.

Pipeline Product Properties

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