Pipeline Safety Awareness Presentations

We appreciate your interest in learning more about pipeline safety awareness. The OPAL presentation provides invaluable information pertaining to pipeline emergencies, including contact information for your local area operators, local pipeline products and properties, response information, and, as always, it’s offered at no cost to our stakeholders.

We believe that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach that meets the needs of our stakeholders, so we offer options.

Virtual – You pick the day and time, and we’ll make it happen. We can set up an online meeting via Microsoft Teams, and a member will present to your agency.

In-person Option 1 – Already have a meeting scheduled and want to include pipeline safety, we can make that happen. Our members would be happy to attend and present to your agency. We can also schedule a meeting that works with your schedule, and lunch is on us!

In-person Option 2 – Have a training department that prefers to take the lead on training? You also have the option of presenting the information to your agency. Download the presentation here.

Online – If your agency doesn’t have the time to sit down together in the same room, then this option is for you. Attendees can set their own pace and complete the course at a time most convenient for them. We’ve partnered with the Smalley Foundation to offer this option called Practical Pipelines. Learn more about the Smalley Foundation and sign-up for an account that gives you access to all the training materials here.

Complete the form to request more information about virtual and in-person training.