What is OKPERI?


In 2015, Oklahoma Pipeline Operators and Emergency Responders recognized a problem in the effectiveness of training being provided and the message not being consistent across the state.

When prompted to look into what the state of Georgia has put in place with a collaborative effort set forth among pipeline operators and emergency responders, Oklahoma personnel formed a steering committee to improve our states efforts in the case of an unfortunate event of a pipeline incident. Oklahoma Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative (OKPERI) was formed with one goal in mind “Safety of Personnel and community alike”. The purpose and mission statement of OKPERI is to : Provide sustainable training for first responders;  place emphasis on pipeline emergency response training; establish alternative pipeline emergency response training delivery methods (online and hands on); enhance operator emergency responder outreach and liaison programs; and promote responder awareness of their role in reducing excavation damage incidents.

OKPERI is apart of the PHMSA Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative. For more information or FAQ’s regarding PERI’s, please visit: