Training Options

Training Options

Pipeline Safety Awareness Presentation

Pipeline Operators lead this presentation so they can effectively engage with emergency responders, public officials, and excavation stakeholders about the basics of pipeline safety. Discussion includes damage prevention, leak recognition, response, and reporting, National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS), and more. Request a meeting for your agency here.

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This presentation qualifies for 2 CLEET hours

PERI The Pipeline Emergency Awareness for Emergency Responders

The course is presented by OSUFST instructors, sponsored by OPAL, and developed for the Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative (PERI.) This is a four (4) hour, no-cost, training program for emergency responders that work near pipeline locations or that may be first on the scene of a pipeline emergency. The course content focuses on preventing pipeline emergencies and the importance of taking proper action, should an incident occur. Information will be provided that will aid the student in understanding potential hazards associated with pipeline operation and the role of the pipeline operator during an emergency. The student will learn actions that are vital to protect themselves and the public during an emergency and how to obtain additional information about these systems and the operators in their area.

The Pipeline Emergency Awareness for Emergency Responders curriculum is designed to address the needs and issues these personnel face during a pipeline emergency. Through lecture and student activities, participants will learn the importance of their role in safely mitigating an incident involving a pipeline, essential information that should be acquired about the emergency, important safety directions that should be conveyed to the public and other response agencies, the significance of specific information when notifying pipeline operators and emergency responders of an emergency.

Participants will learn actions that should be taken during the initial response phase of an incident and examine historic events to determine how they would respond to similar events. Participants will explore if their current S.O.P.s and training would accomplish desired outcomes for similar events.

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This course qualifies for 4 CLEET hours

PERI FLAG Classroom and Live Burn

The course is presented by Oklahoma Pipeline Awareness Liaison (OPAL) and developed for the Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative (PERI.) The course is a 12-hour training program that includes eight hours of classroom, followed by four hours of live burn instruction. This program is designed for firefighters who could respond to releases and fires involving flammable liquids and gases including but not limited to Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), gasoline and ethanol, or fuel oil. This Course includes features that are essential knowledge and skills for handling these emergency incidents in transportation or at fixed facilities. This course is recommended for emergency responders in the public safety industry. This course will also include a Live Burn Evaluation that meets the criteria for Firefighter II certification.

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